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Annual information awareness training and multi-initialives security awareness training suite. A step forward for information security awareness.

Information Awareness Key Features

User Behavior Focused

Information awareness training focused on helping everyone to develop the “how to” concept of going about critical tasks.

Plug and Play Integration

Easy integration with the common business software. We actively look to minimize the time required to get things done.

Extended User Analytics

See users' information security awareness training progress and response to understand the effectiveness and defining the next steps.

Awareness Training Platform Integration

Clean, Flexible and Fast Integration Platform. SCORM compliant information security awareness training. Each time with custom content and easy software integration. We offer own hosted LMS or cloud based solution - access your trainings online from anywhere with all the support from
our consultancy team.

A Step-Wise Process

Own methodology for tuning the information awareness training program. Progress, metrics and weak points are kept all the time fully visible for you. This will make it easier for you to answer questions such as “What is the progress?”, “What are the outcomes?”, “ What needs to be done next?”

Information Awareness - Simulated Attacks

As part of the "train and challenge" approach, after a information awareness training session, social engineering experiments could test employees ability to handle real attacks.

With employees directly involved in situations that gives immediate results on their performance, you will create a sense of achievement ensuring a certain level of "stay aware".

What Our Customers Say

Absolutely great working with Mindsett team. Major improvements and far less effort for my department. Irreplaceable role in 2017 on ransomware topic!

Manager IT Infrastructure

Real value for the investment. Highly qualified assistance and each time top content. Forwarded my recommendation as thank you for your past efforts.

Network and Security Administrator

An awesome second year with Mindsett Security. Nice to see each time quality upgrades for all deliverables and fast response to our special requirements!

Director Training / Personnel Development

Information Awareness Training

#Designed as an Ongoing Process
Annual information awareness training or multi-initiatives? Your information awareness training sessions should be a regular part of everyday job routine. We try to avoid considering it only as an annual or bi-annual training program. The real challenge lies in gradually integrating it into all the components in a manner that is easily accepted, understood and transferred in behaviour.

#Keep an eye on metrics
Monitoring the response of the users gives us an accurate feedback in understanding the effectiveness of our deliverables. This will allow us to built sep-by-step a set of adaptive measures to the weaknesses found within the organization and focus on mitigation of vulnerabilities where human role acts as a catalyst.

#Prepare Quality Content
Our information awareness training content customized to the audience’s requirement. We try to avoid generic content and focus more on information awareness training required by individual job roles. For instance, our delivered content for technical staff and customer services staff in a financial institution are different.

#Multiple Dissemination Channels
We do not rely on one channel alone for spreading information awareness. Besides the e-learning session we provide our customers the right set of tools, and also spread continual information awareness training lessons over email, flyers and memos. And this is regularly so the concepts never escapes their mind.

#Use the Customizeds Training Material
Every individual is surrounded by different environmental factors and perceives risks differently, which eventually affects the decisions we make. These factors are kept in mind when creating training materials and conducting the trainings. So, keep your information security awareness training as a step-wise process.

#Instill the Importance of Information Security
We have an eye on our set of metrics over the time. What really counts in a information awareness training session's success is to ensure that all employees perform their duties while being conscious of the importance of security. Once they develop the “how to” concept of going about critical tasks, the program is already on its way to success.

#Identify Breaches Around Human Factor
To identify what kind of security breaches could occur as a result of human negligence, sometimes social engineering experiments are needed and to test their ability to handle real attacks. Simulation tools and different challenges are used to directly show employees what kind of attacks they can face. They can find a good place at least in your annual information awareness training efforts.

#Keep Improving, Adapt and Refresh
Embedd quizzes and interactive sections in your information awareness training. They have a certain importance to ascertain the knowledge of the audience. And we see how and if the results improve with time. These results serve as a feedback to allow us to keep asking ourselves where we can make improvement in your sessions and what needs to be improved.

#Look for the Next Steps
The approach used in software development can be helpful here. i.e. Design, Execution, Testing, Deployment. We use similar methodology to map on your information assurance awareness training implementation. This will make it easier for you to answer questions such as “What is the progress?”, “What are the outcomes?”, “ What needs to be done next?”.

Mindsett Security Your Human Factor Security Partner ...

With implementation support, custom software applications, and several different types of exercises, we support our customers in creating a culture of security company-wide.