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Advantages of Funny Videos in SAT

If you have had the chance to deliver security awareness trainings, you have probably struggled to keep the audience engaged throughout the session. Most of the learning that employees get through conventional methods tend to have shorter retention spans. Considering how important it is to ensure that employees remember the significance of security within the organization, we need to use interesting methods to keep them involved and engaged in their training sessions. This is where simulations and security awareness videos play an important part. Moreover, research suggests that employees tend to have a greater retention rate when trainings are conducted with a touch of humor.
Let’s see why.

Engagement and Information Retention
Because of the rarity of occurrence of security incidents, employees may feel that the same will not happen to them and not pay attention because of boredom or disinterest. That is where humor can play a role. Funny security awareness videos help them relate theory to real life and boost their engagement, thus impulsively making them retain necessary information. Studies also support the fact that information presented in a humorous way boosts the memory, which is why people want to listen and see more of funny security awareness videos as they are easier to recollect. This is most likely because of the release of dopamine in fun environments, also known as the “feel good” hormone. Science often links this hormone to long-term memory, which means that you are most likely to remember information learnt when you are happier.

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Productivity and Relationship Building
Being one of the oldest forms of communication, laughter has long been termed as a key to establish social relationships. It is contagious, and builds a sense of community among coworkers, which is vital for a collaborative and productive work environment. Funny security awareness videos during training sessions can actually improve peer networking and understanding between new hires as well.

Brand Image
The kind of trainings a company provides depict its culture. If you want to promote a particular work culture on behalf of your company, it should reflect in your trainings. Funny security awareness videos can portray your company’s values and mission to the employees. When you incorporate humor into routine security awareness videos, it shows that your company promotes a happy and fun atmosphere. These security awareness videos, which are a part of your trainings, reflect that you are an exciting organization to work for.

How Far You Should Go with Funny Security Awareness Videos?
Keeping in mind the undeniable importance of humor in security awareness trainings, we should also not forget to ensure that the humor in the videos stays neutral. What one finds funny may not seem funny to others, as humor is not universal. In your security awareness videos, do not get into politics or religion, or use inappropriate offensive humor. You also don’t want the videos to be entirely funny. Funny security awareness videos will do more harm than good if they fail to correctly present important information. The best way to ensure information retention is to include humor during repetition of key points. In this way, security awareness videos can prove to be a great way to engage employees and get crucial security information across, while promoting a fun and interconnected work environment.