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Security Awareness Trainings

The security awareness trainings we provide are the solution in making the company’s security policy have a real meaning for all employees. Courses are easy configurable over your needs and your organization field of activity.


Who we are

Mindsett Security is built around a core team with high exposure in information security. Every day we come across security breaches that lead to significant data losses which consequently bring a negative impact on organizations. The offered set of security awareness trainings and consultancy services can help companies to prevent and better face problems generated by the insiders' negligence or lack of know-how when dealing with information assets.

Our Expertise

All consultancy team members are security engineers with more than 10 years of experience in networking, software development and embedded security. Together with specialists in education sciences, web and graphic design, we team-up to provide our customers quality assistance for awareness program development.


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The courses framework is a starting point for any special implementation. Mindsett Security provides both CBT predefined packages as well as customized security awareness content. Trainings are available under multiple themes, configured on your security policy and offered with dedicated consultancy services for configuration and personnel assessment (integrated phishing and custom software development).

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46% of employees admitted to transferring files between work and personal computers when working from home.

75% of security incidents are "inside issues" resulting from employees' negligence or lack of know-how.

over 90% of cyber crime has results because people fail to do the basics in terms of secure behavior.

95% of corporate cyber attacks are enabled by manipulating people to do something like download malware.