Security Architecture. Risk Assessment. Post Market Monitoring.

Empowering your products to
withstand the most sophisticated threats.
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Security Architecture services provided by best-in-class
security engineers, designed to fortify your products and maintain your reputation for security excellence.

Product Security by Design
Secure coding guidelines, static code analysis, security reviews - we put security into the DNA of your products.
Vulnerabilities Mitigation Strategies
Actionable recommendations and mitigation strategies to address security vulnerabilities effectively.
Customized Security Strategies
We work closely with your teams for security solutioning and align it with specific product's use cases.
Threat Analysis and Mitigation
Threat modeling and detailed analysis to identify vulnerabilities early in design, before starting any implementation.
Secure Development Best Practices
Advocating for secure development practices ensuring a solid product's security posture after release.
Compliance and Standards
Help you navigate the complex landscape of security regulations, guaranteeing that your products meet all necessary criteria.

A good security risk assessment should be accurate, providing a reliable risk reflection, and actionable, offering recommendations to enhance security.

Accurate Assessment
Accurate risk assessment involves precise data collection, thorough vulnerability analysis, and realistic system level threat modeling.
Actionable Assessment
Prioritize risk reduction, assess the costs and benefits, and build a practical roadmap for implementing these recommendations..

The Product Security Architecture function plays a pivotal role in ensuring that products and applications are developed with robust security measures.

Security by Design
We work closely with your team to tailor security solutioning and integrate them in the system to address different use cases.
Mitigation Strategies
We provide actionable recommendations and mitigation strategies to address security vulnerabilities effectively.

Assistance for security monitoring - Expertise and toolset to support the whole monitoring flow, from inventory creation to patch delivery.

Address Confidentiality
Realtime monitoring for devices that collect and transmit sensitive data and have confidentiality implications.
Address Compliance
Monitoring is one of the requirements for compliance, being asked very often by regulatory bodies.

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Empower your products to withstand the most sophisticated threats.

Post-Market Surveillance Support

In the post-market phase, devices are already in use, and their security is no less important than during development. Software and configuration updates need to be efficiently distributed to device owners, often through automated mechanisms, to minimize the window of vulnerability.

Assistance for Secure Development

The ultimate goal of a Secure Development Lifecycle is to produce software that not only functions as intended, but also stands resilient against evolving cybersecurity threats.