Expertise in Security Requirements

Engineering security requirements - to bring your product closer to highest cybersecurity standards.

Add cybersecurity
to product characteristics

We work collaboratively with your team to define appropriate security requirements, ensuring that security is an integral part of your product's characteristics from the very beginning.

Case studies - different industries

Industry-Specific Expertise

In the domain of medical systems, we understand the criticality and implications of cybersecurity.

In this space we are familiar with the challenges faced by medical device manufacturers during the development as well as after sale.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance

In the medical systems domain we provide assistance across the whole development cycle on meeting industry-specific requirements and navigating regulatory landscapes.

Our team is ready to offer assistance to your project

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Our approach to
security requirements engineering

Project analysis and research
The customer provides us with detailed project-related information, gathered from supporting documents, process specs, systems, on-site analysis, market research, competitor analysis and end-user interviews.
Alignment with your business goals
As a part of the project, you will have a business analyst assigned on the project to assure all the process is well-aligned with your goals and aligned with the use cases you considered in your project.
Added value in the development cycle
Secure Development Lifecycle is a systematic approach to integrating security into the software development process. We offer added value in the whole cycle, from requirements engineering to postmarket surveillance.
From requirements to surveillance
For IoT, we offer specialized post-market surveillance services to ensure ongoing safety and compliance. We help you stay proactive by monitoring and assess vulnerabilites in products post-launch.